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As Seen From Above , 6/10
Battle Champions , 6/10
Millions Of Brazilians , 5/10

Dianogah is a Chicago post-rock combo with an unusual bass-bass-drums line-up (bassists Jay Ryan and Jason Harvey, drummer Kip McCabe). The singles 100% Tree (1995) and Garden Airplane Trap (1996), later collected on the EP Old Material New Format (MyPalGod), revealed the influence of Slint. The mostly-instrumental album As Seen From Above (Actionboy, 1997) is a subtle exercise in rhythm and tension. Battle Champions (Southern, 2000) refines the idea in Time For A Game of Stick and the instrumental They Have Monkeys Like We Have Squirrels. Other tracks: Kaisakunin, At The Mercy Of The Mustang , Sometimes There Are Birds , Indie Rock Spock Ears , Emerson , Eating Cake , Work , My Brother Wore Brown, Sometimes There Used To Be Birds. Both albums are full of intriguing ideas, but somehow the trio still has to fully make sense of them.

The single Hannibal (2000) stands as one of their best declarations of intent.

Their gentle instrumental post-rock sound lulls Millions Of Brazilians (Southern, 2002) to sleep. With hardly any moment of pathos, the magnificent void of Flat Panda, Maria, The Sky Came Down To The Rooftop, Wrapping the Lamb Sir, is as meaningless as a faceless portrait. The album offers more subdued, brainy, instrumental post-rock for the frustrated, under-age masses. John Upchurch (Coctails) on bass clarinet and Rachel Grimes (Rachel's) on keyboards help redeem the monotony of most of these pieces.

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