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Pet Your Friends (A&M, 1995), 5/10
And You Think You Know What Life's About , 4/10

I Dishwalla (da Santa Barbara, California) eseguono un hard-rock generico e senza nerbo che su Pet Your Friends (A&M, 1995) frutta ballad stereotipiche come Pretty Babies. Counting Blue Cars was the mega-hit (eventually becoming Billboard's rock song of the year). If English is your first language and you could translate this text, please contact me.
And You Think You Know What Life's About (A&M, 1998) continued in the vein of their radio-friendly version of grunge by incorporating elements of dance music and of AOR balladry. While Once In A While is a romantic power-ballad led by a catchy melody that merely tries to repeat Counting Blue Cars (Until I Wake Up is a more serious version of that format), Stay Awake opens the album with a syncopated dance shuffle and Pop Guru closes it with a glam-rock melodrama. That's as much creativity as you get. Then the rousing chorus of Bottom Of The Floor is repeated over and over again, in lamer and lamer ballads. It is not only that Dishwalla boasts one of the least credible and imaginative singer since the Beatles, but an impressive amount of the album is taken up by sheer filler.
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