Doo Rag and Bob Log

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Chuncked And Muddled , 5/10
What We Do , 6/10
Bob Log III: School Bus (Fat Possum, 1998), 6/10
Bob Log III: Trike (Fat Possum, 1999), 6.5/10
Bob Log III: Log Bomb (Fat Possum, 2003), 6/10

Doo Rag is a duo from Arizona (Bob Log on vocals and guitar and Thermos Malling on percussions) that play blues-punk with the demented ferocity of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion but keeping it much closer to the archaic sound of the Delta and enhancing it with the sardonic humour of the Violent Femmes. Chuncked And Muddled (Bloat, 1994), a collection of covers, was more than a mere tribute to their idols: it was a postmodern rediscovery of meanings hidden within those twelve bars. The singles Swampwater Mopdown (Drunken Fish, 1994) and Hussy Bowler (Westworld, 1994) offer original material that is even superior to the covers. The duo matured with What We Do (Dependability, 1996), that contains disturbing creatures like Nickel.

Bob Log III continued his unorthodox career with collections of devoluted, spastic, sloppy, out-of-tune country blues, saloon boogie and garage rock set to a frantic drum-machine beat: School Bus (Fat Possum, 1998) and especially Trike (Fat Possum, 1999), with perhaps the most entertaining parade of nasty vignettes (Clap Your Tits, Daddy Log's Drive, Ass Computer). That tone changed on Log Bomb (Fat Possum, 2003), abandoning the most childish postures (and the drum machine) and focusing instead on his deadly guitar-vocals counterpoint, on his mad rhythms (Boob Scotch, Wag Your Tail Like a Dog in the Back of a Truck , Put That There), and on a nascent guitar genius (the instrumental Slide Guitar Ride Junior).

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