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Stratosphere (1998), 6.5/10
Contemporary Movement (2000), 6/10
Duster (2019), 4/10

Duster, a trio from San Jose, penned the melancholy slocore of Stratosphere (1998) with somnolent vocals, repetitive chords and intense drumming (Stratosphere). Contemporary Movement (2000) added at least Get the Dutch to their canon.

Clay Parton launched the side project Eiafuawn, while Jason Albertini moved to Seattle and formed Helvetia that released the prolific The Clever North Wind (2006), The Acrobats (2008), Headless Machine of the Heart (2008), Helvetia's Junk Shop (2009), On The Lam (2011), Camp Century Sessions (2012), Nothing in Rambling (2012), Dromomania (2015), Christmas Time is Here (2016), Sun Chasers (2017), and Fantastic Life (2020)

Duster reformed for Duster (2019).

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