Earth Crisis
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Destroy The Machines , 6.5/10
Gomorrah's Season Ends , 5/10
Path Of Resistance: Who Dares Wins , 5/10
The Oath That Keeps Me Free , 4/10
Slither , 4/10
Last Of The Sane , 4/10

Earth Crisis is a band from Syracuse (New York), led by singer Karl Buechner, that belongs to the straight-edge movement and embodies its most idealistic extremes. Firestorm (1993) introduced their agit-prop anthems played at supersonic speed and with punk anger. But the album Destroy The Machines (Victory, 1995) has trouble following the model of the Dead Kennedys. Inherit The Wasteland and Destroy The Machines get close, though.

Gomorrah's Season Ends (Victory, 1996) has at least one track that could have been on Destroy: Situation Degenerates.

Path Of Resistance is a side project of Earth Crisis that released Who Dares Wins (Victory, 1996).

The Oath That Keeps Me Free (Victory, 1998) is a live album.

Perhaps jealous of the success reaped by punk-metal bands like Korn and Staind, Earth Crisis added melody and keyboards to their recipe and offered Slither (Victory, 1999) to mass consumption.

Last Of The Sane (Victory, 2000) is a collection of covers and alternate versions.

Karl Buechner and other members of Earth Crisis started Freya that released As The Last Light Drains (2003) and Lift The Curse (2007).

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