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Erik Schrody is a Los Angeles rapper who first emerged as Everlast with Forever Everlasting (Warner Bros, 1990).

Schrody then turned to the House Of Pain, a crew of rappers produced by Muggs who emphasized his Irish-American origins, whose Fine Malt Lyrics (Tommy Boy, 1992) presented Schrody in a new joyful version (Jump Around).

Now converted to Islam, Schrody released another tentative album, Same As It Ever Was (Tommy Boy, 1994).

Then, suddenly, Everlast's What It's Like, from Whitey Ford Sings The Blues (1998), became a worldwide hit. Hot To Death, Ends and Today were confusing crossover for the masses, but the masses liked it. Beck's influence is strong, and hip-hop purists have little to enjoy here.

Eat At Whitey's (Tommy Boy, 2000) swings between rap, Woody Guthrie's folk (One And The Same), and Robert Johnson's blues (Black Jesus, Babylon Feeling). Obsessed with death after surviving a heart attack, the rapper turns this album into one long baroque requiem and achieves a surreal cinematic gospel/blues/folk/hiphop style in the tryptic of We're All Gonna Die, Have Mercy On My Soul, Graves To Dig.

Today (Tommy Boy, 2000) collects remixes.

Songs of the Ungrateful Living (2011) mourned the agony of the working class after the Great Recession.

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