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In the Name of Suffering , 7/10
Take as Needed for Pain , 6.5/10
Dopesick , 7/10
Southern Discomfort , 6/10
Confederacy of Ruined Lives , 6/10
10 Years of Abuse , 5/10
Clearlight: The Mystick Krewe (2000), 6/10

Eyehategod was a heavy-metal band from New Orleans that played a mixture of stoner-rock, Melvins-ian sludge-core, acid-rock and noise-rock. The idea was one of the most intriguing to come out of the heavy-metal scene in a long time, and the results were often intimidating. In the Name of Suffering (Convulsion, 1990 - Century Media, 2002) presented vocalist Michael Williams' deranged stream of consciousness and an unusual abuse of feedback and noise. Depress and Children of God would remain concert favorites.

The southern-boogie groove began to surface on Take as Needed for Pain (Century Media, 1993) and Dopesick (Century Media, 1996 - Century Media, 2006), that were just a bit less truculent and a bit more melodic. Eyehategod were soon recognized as the masters of "sludge-core", of heavy, feedback-laden rock music.

Brian Patton also played in Soilent Green

After a four-year period of singles, compilations and EPs (during which Jim Bower founded Clearlight), Eyehategod collected all their new material on Southern Discomfort (Century Media, 2000), including Story of the Eye, Southern Discomfort, Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere and the epic-length Dopesick Jam.

Possibly because it is the least heavy and the most "southern" of the lot, Confederacy of Ruined Lives (Century Media, 2000) fares better than others. Self Medication Blues is the way it should be: a dense, thick, sticky mass of slow-grinding jamming. Blood Money is the best in the "heavy" style.

The live 10 Years of Abuse (Century Media, 2001) provides a career retrospective of sorts. doom and stoner classic

Jim Bower's Clearlight debuted with the instrumental album The Mystick Krewe (Tee Pee, 2000), mainly devoted to keyboards-driven heavy-blues jams.

Preaching The End-Time Message (Emetic Records, 2005) collects Eyehategod rarities.

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