Face To Face
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Don't Turn Away , 6/10
Over It , 6/10
Big Choice , 5/10
Face To Face , 4/10
Live , 5/10
Ignorance Is Bliss , 5/10
Reactionary , 5/10
How To Ruin Everything , 5/10
Viva Death , 6/10
Laugh Now Laugh Later (2011), 4/10

Face To Face is a Los Angeles-based punk-rock outfit led by Trever Keith. Don't Turn Away (Dr Strange, 1992) presented the band as capable followers of Screeching Weasel's anthemic punk-pop, with occasional nods to both Husker Du and Buzzcocks (No Authority, Disconnected, I'm Trying, I'm Not Afraid). Over It (Victory, 1994) is a compilation of singles (especially A-OK) and rarities.

Big Choice (A&M, 1995), with the addition of second guitarist Chad Yaro, marked a turn towards a more melodic style, was a more professional (i.e., commercial) effort, probably modeled after their buddies Offspring (It's Not Over, Debt, Velocity).

Face To Face (A&M, 1996) is an even more generic affair, between the emotional single I Won't Lie Down and the supposedly anthemic Resignation, redeemed only by the epic riff and tribal drumming of Ordinary.

Live (Vagrant, 1998)

Ignorance Is Bliss (Ladyluck, 1999), Reactionary (Ladyluck, 2000) and How To Ruin Everything (Vagrant, 2002) are their late works.

Everything Is Everything (Kung Fu, 2002) is a double-disc career anthology.

Viva Death (Vagrant, 2002) is Trever Keith's more experimental side-project (The Rigor Mortis Shake).

They returned with the same style and tone on Laugh Now Laugh Later (2011).

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