Faith & Disease
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Beauty and Bitterness , 5/10
Fortune His Sleep , 6/10
Insularia , 5/10
Beneath The Trees , 6/10

Faith & Disease is a Seattle trio that plays complex melodic songs with a slow, religious intensity.
They debuted with the singles Voltaire's Vallerie (Siren Song, 1992) and Jardeau Blue (Aida House, 1993) and the album Beauty and Bitterness (Ivy, 1994).

The vastly improved Fortune His Sleep (Ivy, 1995) showed a maturing group of musicians, in particular singer Dara Rosenwasser, who steals the show in the eight-minute Healing Anne. While most of the album relies on a grandiose recreation of medieval and renaissance music, Memorium and Fortune His Sleep hark back to British dark-punk.

Livesongs Third Body (Ivy, 1996) was followed by Insularia (Ivy, 1998), that contains a few more gems (Witches) and by the anthology Lamentations (Ivy, 1999).

Coupling ethereal singing (Charlotte Sather and Dara Rosenwasser) with subdued (and mostly acoustic) chamber arrangements (Eric Cooley), Faith & Disease's music approaches a serene, contemplative stance that borders on Gergorian chants, Tibetan mantras and Celtic folk. While one can find similarities with the most elegant psalms sung by Loreena McKennitt and Dead Can Dance, Faith & Disease's program on Beneath The Trees (Projekt, 2000) is humbler and devoid of medieval or ethnic pretensions. Their skills are best represented by the sweet, tender, waltz-tempo lullaby Rubina Verde, whereas the more down-to-earth Shallow could be a staple in the repertory of folksingers such as Suzanne Vega and Natalie Merchant. More ambitious tones can be found in the dreamy, jazzy ballad If I Drink From This Cup. The music even ventures into Enya territory with the suave free-form harmonizing of Mayim and the ghostly requiem of Eventually Again.

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