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Against The View , 6/10

Los Angeles-based F.I.N.E. are led by vocalist Ashley Hamilton. Against The View (Elektra, 1998) is a collection of surreal songs that match a strong melodic gift with a subdued instrumental performance. The gently melodic and slightly psychedelic ballad Wrecking Ball sets the pace. Thus the program mainly includes dreamy compositions like Coda and 54321, where voices and instruments mostly hypnotize each other. Just Go Away is a whispered, slow-motion gem that borders on Idaho's and Mazzy Star's slo-core. What sets FINE apart is an infrastructure that is closer to the roots, as evident on the few punchy tracks (Shout It All Away, So Unkind, I'm Down). Sunday weds country-rock's atmospheric pace and folk-rock's ethereal harmonies. The psychedelic quality of their music is best viewed in the closing song, the distorted blues Industrial Is Dead. Gospel-ish organ/piano and solemn drums (not credited on the album, as the band does not include drummer or keyboardist) augment the quiet, idyllic, pensive feeling of the music. This is a promising debut that, while does not feature any masterpiece, displays enough talent and ideas to help found a new genre. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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