Robbie Fulks
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Country Love Songs , 6.5/10
South Mouth , 6/10
Let's Kill Saturday Night , 6/10
The Very Best , 6/10
Couples In Trouble , 6.5/10

Robbie Fulks came out of the Chicago scene to undertake a bold alt-country career. While steeped in country tradition, his songs are mainly about his own tortured love/hate relationship with country music itself.

Country Love Songs (Bloodshot, 1996) is not exactly what the title says: She Took A Lot Of Pills, Papa Was A Steel-Headed Man, We'll Burn Together are quirky satires about country freaks. Fulks populates his universe of characters that he hardly sympathize with. He seems to enjoy depicting their downfall and has a knack for carrying out their total annihilation.

Pure venom spilled out of South Mouth (Bloodshot, 1997), whose strongest compositions (I Push RIght OVer, Goodbye Good-Looking, Dirty Mouthed Flo) were obscured by the harrowing Nashville homage Fuck This Town.

Let's Kill Saturday Night (Geffen, 1998) boasted a rock production that worked well on Let's Kill Saturday Night, Little King and She Must Think I Like Poetry, but suddenly slumped in the gentle pop-soul of Take Me To The Paradise. Fulks returns to his mission with the stomping rhythm and blues Pretty Little Poison and You Shouldn't Have and the polemic honkytonking wit of God Isn't Real and Can't Win For Losing You.

The Very Best (Bloodshot, 2000), a collection of new tunes despite the title, continues the experiment, running the gamut from breakneck bluegrass (Hamilton County Breakdown) to blues-rock (Roots Rock Weirdos) and to soul-jazz (Love Ain't Nothing), although the artist is still more comfortable with usual fare like Parallel Bars and I Just Want To Meet The Man.

Fulks' artistic progression continued on Couples In Trouble (Boondoogie, 2001), whose songs mix sonic experiments with a bold excursion into the realms of power-pop and country-pop.

The double-CD Revenge (Yep Roc, 2007), one electric disc and one acoustic disc, documents eclectic live performances.

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