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Galactic emerged in the late 1990s as the natural heirs to New Orleans' funk-jazz tradition, a sort of Dr John to the power. The raw Seventies-sounding funk instrumental jams of Coolin' Off (Fog City, 1996) acted as the testing ground for the liquid, soulful 20-minute excursion of Quiet Please, off Crazyhorse Mongoose (Evangeline, 1998), whose first half is eerily reminiscent of old soul-jazz glories like Spencer Davis Group and Colosseum, whereas the second half is an ebullient tribal dance.

The more commercial Late For The Future (2000), that was probably just an attempt to diversify and reach a broader audience, led to the high-tech party funk of Ruckus (Sanctuary, 2003), possibly their ultimate aesthetic statement.

From the Corner to the Block (2007), on which they provided the backing for a gang of guest rappers, Ya-Ka-May (Anti, 2010), another album that relied massively on guest vocalists, and Carnivale Electronics (Galactic Funk, 2012), inspired by Mardi Gras music and including a horn section, leveraged their charisma while trying to break free of their stereotypes.

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