Geto Boys
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Houston's Geto Boys, consisting of producer James "Lil' J" Smith, dj Reddy Red, and rappers Dennis "Willie D" Houston, Jamaica-born Bushwick Bill and Brad "Scarface" Jordan, were one of the first rappers from the south to become known nation-wide. They subscribed to the gangsta-rap aesthetics with passion and conviction. After the tentative Makin' Trouble (1988), the Geto Boys emerged with Grip It (1989) and especially Geto Boys, the album overflowing with the bitter sociodramas of Mind of a Lunatic, Gangsta of Love and City Under Siege. The sound was pumped up, bordering on the intensity of heavy-metal. We Can't Be Stopped (1991) was a calmer effort, with Mind Playing Tricks On Me even climbing the charts. But the group never again found that form on the subsequent albums: Till Death Do Us Part (1993), The Resurrection (1996), Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly (1998).

In the meantime, Scarface had started a solo career that led to Is Back (1991), The World Is Yours (1993), The Diary (1994), Untouchable (1997), the double-disc My Homies (1998), Last of a Dying Breed (2000), The Fix (2002), his narrative peak, M.A.D.E. (2007), Emeritus (2008).

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