Harvey Danger
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Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone , 5/10
King James Version , 4/10
Little By Little (2005), 6/10

Formed in 1992 at the University of Washington, Harvey Danger is a Seattle band that missed the boom of grunge and then tried in vain to catch up. Vocalist Sean Nelson, guitarist Jeff Lin and bassist Aaron Huffman displayed their talent on Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone (Arena, 1997 - Slash, 1998). The grunge-pop of Flagpole Sitta even yielded a hit, and Carlotta Valdez offered a decent fusion of the 1990s' alt-rock poles (REM and Nirvana). But King James Version (London, 2000) was a shameless sellout. The real artistic rebirth came with Little By Little (Phonographic, 2005), a much more personal album, despite the trivial poppy approach. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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