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Enemies , 5/10
During , 5/10

Former Velocity Girl guitarist Archie Moore formed Heartworms with bassist Trisha Roy of Belmondo and drummer Chris Norborg of Chisel. The band debuted with the singles If Everything Goes As Planned (Popfactory, 1995) and Thanks For The Headache (Darla, 1995) and the EP Space Escapade (Darla, 1995). Their "lo-fi" pop is an even more atmospheric version of Galaxie 500.

Moore and Roy are the only surviving members on Enemies (Darla, 1996), equally divided between moody songs (Enemies and I Don't Need To Know) and lengthy ballads (Wisdom Teeth and Sometimes I Never).

During (Popfactory, 1998) is marginally intriguing, but lacks memorable compositions.

Archie Moore will resurface on bass with the Saturday People (Slumberland, 2001), a project led by singer-guitarists Terry Banks and Greg Pavlovcak.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Andrea Marengo)

La chitarrista fondatrice delle Velocity Girls Archie Moore fondò gli Heartworms con la bassista Trisha Roy dei Belmondo e il batterista Chris Norborg dei Chisel. La band debuttò con i singoli If Everything Goes As Planned (Popfactory, 1995), Thanks For The Headache (Darla, 1995) e l'EP Space Escapade (Darla, 1995). Il loro pop "lo-fi" è una versione ancora più atmosferica di quello dei Galaxie 500. Moore e Roy sono gli unici membri sopravvissuti su Enemies (Darla, 1996), diviso equamente fra canzoni lunatiche (Enemies e I Don't Need To Know) e lunghe ballate (Wisdom Teeth e Sometimes I Never).

During (Popfactory, 1998) è un poco intrigante, ma carente di composizioni memorabili.

Archie Moore riemergerà suonando il basso nei Saturday People (Slumberland, 2001), il progetto dei cantanti e chitarristi Terry Banks e Greg Pavlovcak.

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