Hi-Fi Killers
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Loaded , 4/10
Possession , 5/10
Jamaica , 4/10

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Hi-Fi Killers are a Seattle duo of white disc jockeys, Kevin Lee Oakland and Johnny Horn, part of the white "blaxpoitation" movement that abstracts black music into instrumental suites. Their approach is more nostalgic than trip-hoppy. The funk and hip-hop journey of Loaded (Loosegroove, 1997), embellished with old-school horns and keyboards, is a diligent but uninspired take on Beastie Boys and George Clinton. Possession (Loosegroove, 1998) has more "soul" (literally) in Mind Thuggin and Hardball. Jamaica (Loosegroove, 1999) is what the title says: a tribute to dancehall, dub, reggae.
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