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Holiday , 4/10
Ready Steady Go , 4/10
Cafe Reggio , 4/10

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Holiday is a New Haven (Connecticut) combo that apes the melodies of Merseybeat, Phil Spector, folk-rock and girl-groups. Holiday (March, 1995) is as original as a photocopy. Ace Tone and Permission Slip are diligent imitations. They are not revisions of stereotypes or postmodern deconstructions: they are just copies.

Ready Steady Go (March, 1996) adds more uninspired melodies, mostly shameless repetitions of hits from the Sixties (Who's Gonna Find Out).

The band tried to progress with the horn and keyboard arrangements on Cafe Reggio (Spinart, 1997), but stumbled one more time and threw the towl. There's A Place and Something About You are as hummable as usual, but sounding like third-rate Cars or Brit-pop is not something to be proud of.

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