Randy Hudson
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Randolph Hudson is a guitarist who has contributed ina significant manner to Kramer's works. Here is his own bio:

Kramer and I were high school bandmates. We later performed in as "The Holy Sheets" in the late 1970's. That band included Mars Williams, Chris Butler, Coby Batty, Chris Morgan, Ralph Carney and briefly Gary Windo. Kramer, Coby, John Zorn and I were in a band called "The Fred McMurray's". I played with Daved Hild, Ralph Carney, Greg Cohen, Marc Ribot, Garo Yellin and David Licht in a band called "Midget Planet"(Note-There are several uncredited Midget Planet songs on the guilt trip). I also was recording and performing with Peter Ogi and the backlash. That band included Dougie Bowne, Yuka Honda and Rick Ford(Bill Nelson, Joe Jackson). I also was the only guitarist to work with Larry Shox of Shox Lumania, which also included Rick Ford and Gerry Basserman. I replaced Dave Rick in Bongwater in 1990, toured Europe and the US. We also recorded a "John Peel" session in london as well. Bongwater was disbanded due to a situation between Ann and Kramer. I continued recording with Kramer which included songwriting and performing on: The guilt trip, The secret of comedy, Captain Howdy and Carney Hild Kramer's Black power, I also provided solos on the Hugh Hopper-Kramer project. I also performed with Ann Magnuson on "The Luv Show" project, released by Geffen Records.

Over the last several years I have been performing with Martha Mooke, the wonderful electric violist and composer. Martha has performed with John Cale, Anthony Braxton, 10,000 maniacs, Sir Paul McCartney. We have a duo called "Bowing", named as Martha uses a bow and I use an EBow. We have just finished our first album. We were recently in Cuba performing at an International festival of electro-acoustic music. I have also just finished recording a trio project with Daved Hild singing and playing Roland V-Drums and Keith Moline of the 2 pale boys (David Thomas-PereUbu). The band is called RumbaJazzStunOrgan. Dave Rick, David Licht, Michelle Temple (Bassist of PereUbu), Martha Mooke and I recorded last year. Those sessions are only rough mixed. Dave Rick, Roger Murdock, Michelle Temple and I are planning on recording and performing this summer as B.Y.O.B. I have also begun work on an Ebow quartet album. I also have a improvising power trio that includes Andy Myers and Jay Weidling(They recorded with Richard Sinclair). The trio called "Flesh-eating? Jesus!".

Randy Hudson

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