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San Francisco-based pianist and disc-jockey Jhno (John Eichenseer) has been applying the concepts of cellular automata and genetic algorithms to the composition of dance music.

Understand (Delicate Ear, 1996) offered a bold fusion of ethnic, ambient, jazz and drum'n'bass (My Mind Is Aglow). The Evolution of Consciousness Through Resonance (Delicate Ear, 1997) documents a live performance.

Kwno (Delicate Ear, 1998) mixed drum'n'bass and computer-generated improvisation. Jhno focused on sculpting cryptic, claustrophobic soundscapes that offered no emotional solace. The rhythmic texture of Drum And Java evoked Jon Hassell's fourth-world, while the background of floating electronics recalled Brian Eno's ambient void. The futuristic metronomy of K2kckbk is juxtaposed to tribal percussion, the waning of the former corresponding to the rising of the latter. The neurotic drum'b'bass breaks of Morph are wed to fibrillating electronica. The rhythm-less Untitled is simply a sequence of psychedelic, dilated keyboard tones. Jung is the exception to the rule, as a melodic noir-jazz feeling redeems the dejected mood of the album.

Membrane (Delicate Ear, 2000) focused on inventing a new vocabulary of irregular rhythms and eerie soundscapes.

The superb Spool (Newdog, 1998) is a collaboration with Poi Dog Pondering's guitarist John Ridenour, with whom Jhno had already recorded Yin (Shiny Thing, 1991), which contains one of his live classics, Little Yellow Car. Plano (Minty Fresh, 1998) is a collaboration With the Aluminum Group. Wavelord is a collaboration with jazz musicians Michael Bluestein and Keith MacArthur.

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