Kevorkian Death Cycle
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Collection for Injection , 6/10
Dark Skies , 5/10
A+0, 4/10

Kevorkian Death Cycle were formed in Los Angeles by keyboardists Ryan Gribin and Roger Jarvis (originally named Grid), occasionally helped out by friends. The EP Distorted Noise Arythmia (Audio Fallout Productions, 1992) offered four songs that matched social issues and eclectic dancefloor grooves that are inspired by everybody from KMFDM, Death In June, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and techno (Let Us Die, Damned Nation, Send Me The Machine).

Collection for Injection (Ras DVA, 1996 - Metropolis, 2000) collects more brooding, electro anti-anthems of that kind (Man Made, Faithless) and adds a few extreme sonic experiments: the terrifying distortions of Biophobe, the devastating pace of Kill for Christ, the lethal dissonance of The End. Veal is the dancefloor "hit".

Dark Skies (Metropolis, 1998) contains better organized and more melodic synth-based songs. But this is the album of a crossover band that plays atmospheric intrumentals, catchy pop (Swallow) and mindless dance music (Static), with a touch of gothic (Tempest).

A+0(m) (Metropolis, 1999) crosses over so much that one hardly remembers their aggro days (Death To The Flesh is the exception). Mostly, this is synth-pop and techno (How To Nuke Heaven).

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