Kiss It Goodbye

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She Loves Me She Loves Me Not , 6/10

Rorschack (Charles Maggio on vocals, Andrew Gormley on drums, Nick Forte on guitar, Keith Huckins on guitar) was a short-lived but much-talked hardcore band of the New York metal-punk scene that included Agnostic Front, Adrenalin O.D. and Crumbsuckers They formed in 1989 and disbanded in 1993. Their repertory is collected on Remain Sedate (Gern Blandsten, 1997) and Autopsy (Gern Blandsten, 1997). Rorschach's guitarist Nick Forte will become an avantgarde musician and eventually form Beautiful Skin and Christmas Decoration.

Kiss It Goodbye is a New Jersey hardcore quartet born on the ashes of Rorschach (guitarist Keith Huckins, drummer Andrew Gormley, bassist Tom Rusnak) that relocated to Seattle in 1996 and enlisted vocalist Tim Singer. She Loves Me She Loves Me Not (Revelation, 1997) updates Roschach's sound to the age of grindcore and death-metal (Helvetica). The EP Choke (Revelation, 1999), with new guitarist Demian Johnston, was their swan song.

Rorschach's Nick Forte formed Hamsoken and offered a unique twist on electronica, industrial music and black metal on Foul Harvest (Looming, 2009).

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I Rorschack (Charles Maggio alla voce, Andrew Gormley alla batteria, Nick Forte alla chitarra e Keith Huckins all'altra chitarra) sono stati un gruppo hardcore proveniente dalla scena metal-punk di New York di Agnostic Front, Adrenalin O.D. e Crumbsuckers dalla vita breve ma molto chiacchierata Si formarono nel 1989 e si sciolsero nel 1993. Il loro repertorio incluso su Remain Sedate (Gern Blandsten, 1997) e su Autopsy (Gern Blandsten, 1997). I Kiss It Goodbye, un quartetto hardcore del New Jersey nato dalle ceneri dei Rorschach (il chitarrista Keith Huckins, il batterista Andrew Gormley e il bassista Tom Rusnak) si trasferiscono a Seattle nel 1996 e ingaggiano il vocalist Tim Singer, She Loves Me She Loves Me Not (Revelation, 1997) aggiorna il suono dei Rorschack all'epoca del grindcore e del death-metal (Helvetica). L'EP Choke (Revelation, 1999), con il nuovo chitarrista Demian Johnston, il loro canto del cigno

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