Illyah Kuryahkin
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Count No Count , 6/10
Thirtycabminute , 6/10

Illyah Kuryahkin (real name: Dean Wilson) is a singer-songwriter from New York who debuted with the single Lotus Pool. The album Count No Count (Arena Rock, 1997) is a collection of odd lo-fi ditties, heavy on the psychedelic side of rock (Fuzzball). The more professional (or, at least, more fully arranged) and less noisy Thirtycabminute (Arena Rock, 1999) uses samples of instruments and lets the inspiration wander in jazz territory (the instrumental Vaval, the trip-hoppish How I Died, Thom Verlaine).

The seven-disc box-set Absolutely Great (2010) documents live performances of october 1988 with several guests.

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