Marble Orchard
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Savage Sleep , 5/10
Agent Invisible , 6/10
Adventures In Mutation, 5/10

(Translated by Eivi Sundance from my original Italian text)

Ron Kleim (vocals) and Pete Weinberger (lead guitar) played together in Eugene (Oregon), in a band called  The Surf Trio. The Surf Trio had already released   the EP Surf Trio (Moxie, 1985),  the LP Almost Summer (Voxx, 1986), the mini-LP Safari In A Living Graveyard (Moxie, 1987) and various singles.

Kleim, Steve Frothingham and Jayson Breeton then, formed “The Marble Orchard” and in a short while they released the single Something Happens (Estrus, 1990) coming up beside with The Miracle Workers between garage-rock local heroes.

Their Savage Sleep (Estrus, 1991), with Weinberger on guitar, is a perfect remembrance of those glorious years, starting with Please Come Down, a mocking version of Born To Be Wild, going on with a scorching Girl With No Name, passing through the peppy country-rock of  Love’s Just Begun and the trembling hard-rock of You’re Never Gonna Hold Me. But the covers steal the scene from the original compositions.

Nothing that The Original Sins hadn’t already done before, and way better.

They released on singles and compilations: Go Now, No Way Home, Munsters Theme, Nova ’69, The Rise, It’s My Time (Estrus, 1992).

The Lp Agent Invisible (September Gurls, 1993), without Weinberger, changes its tune. It pays less attention to covers by giving more space to the organ in Shadows and in Morning Rain, and refining the harshness of  the guitar’s riffs in Castles and Angel Of The Night.

The power-pop band’s vein gains the upper hand in their third LP Adventures In Mutation (September Gurls, 1995) and it comes out on top with the single Paradise (September Gurls, 1994).

The Surf Trio, for their part, renewed with Shook Outta Shape (1993…nota del traduttore: unica fonte e’ September Gurls, 1994) and Curse Of The Surf Trio (Pin Up, 1995).

Ron Kleim (canto) e Pete Weinberger (chitarra) suonavano a Eugene (Oregon) nei Surf Trio, titolari dell'EP Surf Trio (Moxie, 1985), dell'album Almost Summer (Voxx, 1986), del mini-album Safari In A Living Graveyard (Moxie, 1987) e di diversi singoli.

Kleim, Steve Frothingham e Jayson Breeton formarono poi i Marble Orchard, che presto pubblicarono il singolo Something Happens (Estrus, 1990) si affiancarono ai Miracle Workers fra gli eroi locali del garage-rock.

Il loro Savage Sleep (Estrus, 1991), con Weinberger alla chitarra, e' una perfetta rievocazione di quegli anni gloriosi, partendo da una Please Come Down che scimmiotta Born To Be Wild a una rovente Girl With No Name, passando per il brioso country-rock di Love's Just Begun e l'hardrock vibrante di You're Never Gonna Hold Me. Le cover rubano pero` lo show ai brani originali. Nulla che gli Original Sins non avessero gia' fatto, e fatto meglio.

Su singoli e compilation escono Go Now, No Way Home, Munsters Theme, Nova '69, The Rise, It's My Time (Estrus, 1992).

Agent Invisible (September Gurls, 1993), senza Weinberger, cambia marcia, relegando le cover in secondo piano, lasciando l'organo in bella vista su Shadows e Morning Rain e limando le asprezze delle chitarre nei ritornelli di Castles e Angel of The Night.

La vena power-pop del gruppo prende il sopravvento sul terzo Adventures In Mutation (September Gurls, 1995) e trionfa con il singolo Paradise (September Gurls, 1994).

Il Surf Trio dal canto suo e` resuscitato con Shook Outta Shape (1993) e Curse (Pin Up, 1995).

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