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The Mavericks were one of the main country bands of the 1990s. Formed in Miami (Florida) in 1989 by singer-songwriter Raul Malo, bassist Robert Reynolds and drummer Paul Deakin, the Mavericks debuted with Mavericks (Y&T, 1990), and a sound that linked melodramatic pop (This Broken Heart, The Lonely Waltz), western swing (I'll Give You Back, You'll Never Know) rockabilly (The End Of The Line) and southern-boogie (Keep Moving On). From Hell to Paradise (MCA, 1992) continued rehearsing the canon of rockabilly and honky-honk (This Broken Heart).

Guitarist Nick Kane joined the band on What A Crying Shame (1994), a collection that ventured in new directions (There Goes My Heart, I Should Have Been True) and heralded the stylistic fusion that bloomed on Music For All Occasions (1995), a meeting point of pop (Here Comes The Rain), tex-mex (All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down), Latin (Missing You), jazz (My Secret Flame), blues and country.

Trampoline (1998), their most perfect production, features Dance The Night Away.

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