Terrifying Experience
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Supreme Radial , 6/10
Magnetic Breakthrough , 6/10

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Former Guided By Voices guitarist Mitch Mitchell started Terrifying Experience in 1996 with a split single Terrifying Experience (Arena Rock, 1996) that included Friday Night Fights and Big City, one electrifying and the other drowsing, both overamplified and punkish. A couple more singles followed: I'm Invisible/ Legacy Of Conquest (Albert Ayler's Jukebox, 1997) and One After The End/ Hollis Put His Hands Around My Neck (Southern, 1998) .

The EP Search For Omega Minus (Albert Ayler's Jukebox, 1998) relished in the loud and distorted sludgefest of Reaching For A Whisper and Stress Is The Best Reliever, although the lo-fi pop of Seeing Betty's Headache Again and Tobin Sprout's acoustic Noble's Last Will And Testament bridged the gap with Guided By Voices.

Supreme Radial (AAJ, 1999), Mitchell's first full-length, is brainier and punkier, like late Black Flag fronted by Joe Satriani, yielding the sprightly punk-pop of Cocktail Party Effect , Snakes Are Arrows of the Moon , Attacking the Padded Assailant , the shiny power-pop of Get Out of My World , and the pop ditties Dynasty of the Last Star Children and Cash Money Runaway .

The single Anvil Jumper/ The Tearful Champion (Mental Telemetry, 1999) broke the ice for second album Magnetic Breakthrough (Mental Telemetry, 2001), another wild excursion into guitar punk-rock.

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