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The Year You Were Born , 6/10
Frantic , 6/10
Durable Dream , 5/10
Rumors Of the Faithful , 5/10
East Of Eager (2004), 5.5/10

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Moviola is a Columbus (Ohio) band started by singer/guitarist Jake Housh. The early output, such as the single Lookin' In (Anyway, 1994), is heavily distorted pop, like Spacemen 3 playing John Denver ditties. 1970, the lead track of The Year You Were Born (Anyway, 1996), displays this method at its best, while a catchy Wisdom Teeth shows commercial potential.

Once the noise has been reduced, though, what is left on the mini-album Frantic (Anyway, 1997) is a competent imitation of Pavement, and, while Delusion works as a depressed Neil Young-ish wail, too much of Moviola sounds stereotypical.

A sudden country-rock flue makes Durable Dream (Spirit Of Orr, 1999) sound like a lost Grifters record (but Call My Work still photocopies Harvest). Just like the Grifters, the Moviola are being trapped in the classic lo-fi dilemma: as they learn to play, they sound less and less original. Their forte was their ineptitude.

Rumors Of the Faithful (Spirit Of Orr, 2001) continues in the lo-fi roots-rock vein.

A five-piece line-up recorded East Of Eager (Anyway, 2004), which introduced a new sound, hafway between robust country-rock and agonizing garage-rock.

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