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Pokinatcha , 5/10
Teenage Politics , 4/10
Life In General , 4/10
Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo , 4/10
The Ever Passing Moment , 4/10
Before Everything and After (2003), 5/10
Panic (2005), 5.5/10
Secret Weapon (2007), 6/10

MXPX is a jovial punk-pop band from Seattle led by bassist and singer Mike Herrera.

The single 17 (1994) and the album Pokinatcha (Tooth & Nail, 1994) introduced yet another band that plays short, loud, fast, melodic tunes.

Punk Rawk Show (1995) and Move To Bremerton (1996), from the album Teenage Politics (Tooth & Nail, 1996), showed musical development.

Small Town Minds (1997), Chick Magnet (1997) and the album Life In General (Tooth & Nail, 1997) completed the evolution towards a poppier and less punkish sound.

Let It Happen (Tooth & Nail, 1999) is a comprehensive summary of their early years.

Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo (A&M, 1998) was their commercial attempt at joining Green Day in the ranks of punk superstars. Under Lock And Key, The Downfall Of Western Civilization and Self-Serving With A Purpose feature good hooks and melodic progressions but nothing that hundreds of bands haven't done before. MxPx lower themselves to sing I'm Ok You're Ok, a lame tune as catchy ones go.

The Ever Passing Moment (Tooth & Nail, 2000) sounds like leftovers from a Blink 182 session.

The Renaissance (Fat Wreck, 2001) is the new single.

Before Everything and After (A&M, 2003) keeps the show entertaining and uplifting while steadfastedly refusing to innovate (Well Adjusted was the hit).

Ten Years And Running (Tooth & Nail, 2002) is a career retrospective.

Panic (Side One Dummy, 2005) is surprisingly tighter and less melodic (Get Me Out).

Continuing the progression towards a more cohesive sound, Secret Weapon (Tooth & Nail, 2007) delivered two of their catchiest anthems: Secret Weapon and Not Nothing.

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