New Radiant Storm King
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My Little Bastard Soul , 5/10
Rival Time , 6/10
August Revital , 6/10
Hurricane Necklace , 5/10
Singular No Article , 5/10
Winter's Kill , 5/10
The Steady Hand (2006), 5/10

New Radiant Storm King are a trio from the Boston area that play intellectual noise-rock with dissonant riffs and angular rhythms, often graced by the vocal harmonies of Matt Hunter and Peyton Pinkerton. On My Little Bastard Soul (Cargo, 1992) the trio sounds like a cross between Sonic Youth and Polvo (Every Day Is Mother Day) with an harder edge (Prozac). Rival Time (Homestead, 1993) and August Revital (Grass, 1994) continued to refine the program, but drummer Elizabeth Sharp left to launch Skinner Pilot and her project Ill Ease.

Hurricane Necklace (Grass, 1996) veered towards punk-pop and Singular No Article (Poster Girl, 2000) reduced the ruggedness of the songs.

On Winter's Kill (Rainbow Quartz, 2002) Peyton Pinkerton and Matt Hunter deliver another batch of witty and energetic numbers. While dispensing with the savage and harsh excesses of their early albums, they often sound like a more accomplished Guided By Voices or a more inventive Pavement (Golden Parachute, Colony Falls, Constellation Prize, Bombs and Broccoli). Unfortunately, there is precious little progress here.

Slightly more oriented towards mainstream pop, The Steady Hand (Darla, 2006) delivers Antyhmn and updated stereotypes of indie-rock of the 1990s.

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