No Use For A Name
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Incognito , 6/10
Don't Miss The Train , 4/10
The Daily Grind , 4/10
Leche Con Carne , 6/10
Making Friends , 4/10
More Betterness , 4/10
Hard Rock Bottom , 4/10
Live In A Dive (2003), 4/10
Keep Them Confused (2005), 4/10

San Jose-based No Use For A Name were early disciplies of the Descendents. Led by singer Chris Dodge and singer and guitarist Tony Sly, their early EPs yielded anthems such as Record Thieves, It Won't Happen Again, Born To Hate. Incognito (New Red Archives, 1990) collects the best of them and adds Weirdo and Truth Hits Everybody.

Don't Miss The Train (New Red Archives, 1992) marked a turn towards a more accessible and emphatic sound, but ultimately was a mediocre, uninspired work (Get Out Of This Town). The Daily Grind (Fat Wreck, 1993) was an equally uncertain transitional album. The band reached punk-pop on Leche Con Carne (Fat Wreck, 1995), that features Soulmate and Leave It Behind. Making Friends (Fat Wreck, 1997), the first recording with new guitarist Chris Shiflett, and More Betterness (Fat Wreck, 2000) are honest albums but belong more to literature (personal diary) than to music.

Chris Shiflett joined Foo Fighters and was replaced by Suicidal Tendencies' guitarist Dave Nassie for the poppier Hard Rock Bottom (Fat Wreck, 2002) and Live In A Dive (Fat, 2003).

Keep Them Confused (Fat Wreck Chords, 2005) is a bland rehashing of the same old ideas.

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