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Ohm were formed near Dallas (Texas) in 1995 by multi-instrumentalists Forest Ward (mainly saxophone and percussions) and Doug Ferguson with the intention of playing progressive and psychedelic rock. With Ferguson committed to keyboards, Nathan Brown on bass and Chris Forrest on clarinet (but no guitar!), the group began recording complex jams of ethnic and electronic music.

O2 (Timothy's Brain, 1997), that also features Rena Jones on flute, viola and cello, contains six lengthy suites in the vein of the transglobal dance practiced by Loop Guru and Trance Mission.

Ward had already departed by the time Voices (Two Ohm Hop, 1999) was released. Here, the foursome (Brown, Forrest, Ward and Ferguson) give their ultimate interpretation of psychedelic rock. The interplay between chamber horns and a majestic mellotron is at the core of the 15-minute In A Desert-Alambic, Are You Ready? and especially Ghostly Voices, but there are also nods to the German tradition of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, as well as to the chamber progressive-rock of Universe Zero and Art Zoyd (Tension No Release, Drones, Voices Du Le Blon), and even a touch of Vangelis in the blasting, semi-orchestral Salt n' Pepper Cake/ Fortress Of Ultimate Darkness. The music is a bit more conventional than O2, but better structured and more focused.

Raw (Snowdonia, 2001) collects live performances, notable mainly for the addition of a guitarist on four of the five tracks.

Ferguson is also active with the Vas Deferens Organization, Yeti, Tone Float. As Frankie Teardrop, he released the single Electro-acoustic Rollercoaster Ride/ Aphrodite's Lullaby (Two Ohm Hop, 1999), one of his most accomplished works.

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