Orange Peels
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One Hundred Percent Change Of Rain , 5/10
Square , 6/10
So Far , 5/10
Circling The Sun (2005), 5/10

Allen Clapp, from Redwood City (California), is a fan of late-period Zombies and late-period Beach Boys. The home-made album One Hundred Percent Change Of Rain (Bus Stop, 1995), credited to Allen Clapp and His Orchestra, is a humble tribute to that era.

Clapp then recruited guitarist Larry Winther (formerly of the Mummies) to form Orange Peels and release a more professional sounding album, Square (Minty Fresh, 1997), comprising catchy tunes such as I Don't Mind The Rain, Take Me Over, Love Coming Down, a few eccentric takes on pop (All The World Could Pass My By, Something Strange Happens), the ballad Everybody's Gone, and a few eccentric takes on lounge music (On The Way To Somewhere) and soundtracks (Spaghetti-o-Western).

So Far (Spinart, 2000) offers the infectious Girl For All Seasons and a few more derivative melodies (Every Single Thing, The West Coast Rain).

Admirably consistent, Circling The Sun (Parasol, 2005) only lacks in enthusiasm.

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