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Libido Speedway , 5/10
XLR8R , 5/10

Continuing Boston's tradition of grungey power-pop (Pixies, Lemonheads, Bullet Lavolta, Moving Targets), Orbit plays crunchy and tuneful songs that target a generic rock audience.

Orbit's debut EP La Mano (Lunch, 1995) contained the minor hit Come Inside.

Libido Speedway (A&M, 1996) is a cunningly derivative album, despite singer Jeff Lowe Robbins' efforts to turn the music on beyond Paul Westerberg's de rigueur passion. The songs are catchy and energetic, just a bit too dejavu. Medicine sounds like a medley of Pixies' songs. Yeah charges with boogie guitars and soars with Smashing Pumpkins-ian melodies. Bicycle Song recycles Nirvana's Teen Spirit. On the creative side, Amp has plenty of punk-rock's fury and noise (and a bit of Byrds in the guitars), and the psychotic rock and roll of Why You Won't actually does strike a chord or two. Last but not least, Carnival, Rockets, Wake Up showcase enough melodrama and the ballad Nocturnal Autodrive has enough atmosphere to provide Orbit with a second career, should the first one as grunge copycats fail.

It will take five years to release a second album, XLR8R (Lunch, 2001).

Robbins and bassist Linda Bean started a new band, Well.

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