Gretchen Peters

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Gretchen Peters, mainly famous for composing hits of country stars such as Trisha Yearwood, George Strait and Patty Loveless ("You Don't Even Know Who I Am", 1996) quickly established herself as one of Nashville's most perceptive and evocative songwriters with The Secret Of Life (1996), notably the personal manifesto Circus Girl, Waiting for the Light to Turn Green and Border Town. However, her spartan and intimate delivery (more akin to the depressed singer-songwriters of rock music than to Nashville's bards) did not generate enough interest for a follow-up until Gretchen Peters (2001), that contains Souvenirs. Halcyon (2004) contains the jangling Tomorrow Morning and Museum. An artistic quantum leap took place with the introspective confessions of Burnt Toast & Offerings (2007) such as Ghost. The first-person lyrics were as existentialist as country music can get. The music enhanced her tortured stories with a delicate contrast of timbres.

Northern Lights (2009) was a vastly inferior work, full of covers. One to the Heart One to the Head (2009) was a collaboration with Tom Russell. Circus Girl (2009) is a career retrospective.

She further refined her literary skills on Hello Cruel World (2012) on which the lyrics can be as allegorical as Bob Dylan's and as cinematic as Nick Cave's.

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