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Thanks For The Ether , 7/10
How We Quit The Forest , 6/10
Cabin Fever , 5/10
Frustration Plantation (2004), 5/10

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Rasputina was formed by three New York cellists (Julia Kent, Agnieszka Rybska and frontwoman Melora Creager) who played minor-key waltzes in a slightly gothic style that mixes music hall, chamber music, and pop. The nineteen compositions of Thanks For The Ether (Columbia 1996), including their debut single Transylvania Concubine (Oculus, 1995), often end up sounding like the Penguin Cafe` Orchestra fronted by Nico with arrangements by John Cale.

How We Quit The Forest (Columbia 1998) rocks harder and displays a sense of humour that was missing from the first album.

Cabin Fever (Instinct, 2002) and Frustration Plantation (Instinct, 2004) were, instead, unfocused and poorly executed, sounding like collections of leftovers.

Oh Perilous World (Filthy Bonnet, 2007) is a fanta-political concept. A new lineup debuted on Sister Kinderhook (2010).

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