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33 1/3 Long Play , 5/10
How You Continue Dreaming , 6/10
Anchors of Bleed , 5/10
Refrigerator , 5/10
Glitter Jazz , 5/10

Refrigerator is the influential project launched by brothers Allen Callaci and Dennis Callaci (vocals and guitar) in Upland (not far from Los Angeles). Their saga would originate a local scene (the "Shrimper scene") that also includes the Nothing Painted Blue.

Originally, they were called Bux and released one cassette a year starting in 1985. When they changed name, they had matured both as songwriters and as vocalist/guitarist. The cassette Lonesome Surprize (1991), the EP Rocking Horse Loser (Jupa, 1991) and the album 33 1/3 Long Play (Eighteen Wheeler, 1991) collected home-made tapes and live tracks. The first professional and cohesive recording was the album How You Continue Dreaming (Communion, 1995), an adult and romantic concept dedicated to their own suburban community Spastic guitar and psychotic singing address domestic issues with the fair play and the vulnerability of a drugged-out hippie (Son House, Colton). The feeling is similar to New Zealand's 1980's naive pop.

Anchors of Bleed (Communion, 1996) is a tad too professional-sounding, an improvement that actually takes away most of the charm from the duo's eccentric songs.

The progression towards well-formed songs continued on Refrigerator (Shrimper, 1998), that boasts a slab of garage-rock (Young Confusion) and a trancey application of the velvet Underground handbook (Somehow).

Now a stable quartet, Refrigerator cut Glitter Jazz (Shrimper, 1999), yet another step towards a mainstream sound. The resulting style sounds surprisingly closer to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, and even country-rock, than to indie-rock reference frames Pavement or Guided By Voices.

Dangerous (Shrimper, 2011) collects demos.

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