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Laced, 5/10
Bleed The Sky, 5/10

Reveille are a not very original duplicate of Rage Against The Machine. Laced (Elektra, 1999) showcases Drew Simollares' sociopolitical rage, Greg Sullivan's and Steve Miloszewski's double guitar attack, Carl Randolph's (bass) and Justin Wilson's (drums) terrifying rhythm machine. Even the manic propulsion of Untied, the seismic shocks of Butterfly, the unrelenting anger of Permanent (the album's high points) would be footnotes in a RATM album. But the lengthy, melodramatic Dark Horizons redeems whatever stereotyped sounds they sinned of.

The ferocious and desperate Unborn, the frantic and stammering What You Got, and the thunderous and develish Derelict up the ante on Bleed The Sky (Elektra, 2001), while the supercharged psychodrama of Modified Lie, the histrionic raps of Comin' Back and Inside Out add welcome nuances to the band's gloomy sound.

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