Reverb Sleep
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Fish Dream , 7/10

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Dallas native Alan Dollgener recorded at the end of the 1980's two EPs with Of A Mesh, briefly protagonists of the New York gothic scene. Then he was diagnosed with AIDS and recorded one more album under the moniker Reverb Sleep: Fish Dream (MMG, 1995). The album is one of a kind. The nine instrumental compositions are dense collages of electronically processed sounds that achieve a nightmarish, ghastly intensity. The insistent, tribal, layered percussions of It's A Part Of Me introduce the listener to Dollgener's personal hell: voices float in the magma, pierced by electronic drones, stirred by random melodic fragments. There is no salvation in Dollgener's otherworld, only suffering, as he progresses through the darkly industrial landscape of Machine, through the hypnotic dissonances and distortions of You Can't Help It, through the cosmic wind of Fly Mantra, through the cold, thrilling, jazzy theme of Nothing You Can Do, through the funky, polyrhythmic Hillbilly Hoedown 2000.
A terrible vision of impending apocalypse permeates Amoeba, a track in which percussions are used to create a subaquatic feeling and human voices approach the menacing tone of gregorian chants, albeit dismembered and reflected in labyrinths of mirrors. Then a mechanical beat turns the vision into a pagan dance song, the damned dancing around the shaman.
Enchanted seals the album and sealed Dollgener's life with a frantic raga and Tibetan-style chanting over a confused background of noises, as if to signal the transition to an alien world, where the most profound secrets of mankind's existence will be explained. Dollgener's voice disappears in that forest of noises and percussions while still stubbornly reciting his rosary/exorcism. Weaker and weaker, farther and farther.

Dollgener died shortly after the release of the album.

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