Roger Manning
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Roger Manning is an angry young folksinger in the tradition of early Bob Dylan who leads an "anti-folk" crusade a` la Michelle Shocked .

Roger Manning (SST, 1988) is a collection of "blues" songs that are quite the opposite: scathing political rants. The album is not very musical, but highly moral.

The songs are again titled "blues" on Short Sharp Shook (Roger Manning, 1992), that promotes a style of documentary (rather than fictionalized) reportage. Ever whining and verbose, Manning wins very few ears.

The saga continued on Roger Manning (Shimmy Disc, 1993), that mingles songs about politics and songs about women as if the two were the same and one.

Manning abandoned his minimal style with the rowdy pub-rock of Roger Manning (Shanachie, 1997), whose songs are, again, titled "blues" even if they sound more like punk anthems sung by Dylan.

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Roger Manning, a partire dall'album di debutto del 1988 (per la SST), si e` invece messo alla testa del movimento "anti-folk". Contraltare maschile di Michelle Shocked, e` un "giovane arrabbiato" nella tradizione del primo Dylan.
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