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Bar Chord Ritual , 4/10
Creedle: Half Man Half Pie , 5/10
Creedle: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars , 6/10
Creedle: When The Wind Blows , 6/10

Rust is a grunge outfit from San Diego that released the mini-album Rust (Atlantic, 1994) and the album Bar Chord Ritual (Atlantic, 1996).

Timothy Blankenship plays bass also in Creedle, formed in 1989, and featuring the talent of jazz pianist and composer Robert Walter, but debuted only with Half Man Half Pie (Cargo, 1992), a bizarre and iconoclastic work of sound-verite`. Bad Radio will be reworked and published as a single.

Inspired by John Zorn and Trumans Water, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars (Cargo, 1994) is even more avantgarde. Tracks: Georgia X, Dueguards, My Buddy, Egg Dogg, Lewis, I Like Merry Go Rounds, Sicilian Vespers, Acacia, Kundalini Oh!, All-Seeing Eye, Magic Flute, Mameluke, Ultrabird, Jesus, Butterflies Are Free Again, Otto the Tent Maker, Oubilette, Kundalini ,

The band disbanded after When The Wind Blows (Cargo, 1996), another wild punk-jazz excursion.

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