See Saw
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And The Head Popped Off , 6/10
Magnetophone , 6.5/10

Sea Saw is Trevor Campmann's one-man band, originally established in Chicago but later moved to several other cities until finally relocating to Arlington (Virginia). Campmann's aim is a brand of "lo-fi pop" that echoes the original New Zealand version rather than the Guided By Voices brand.

The single Running Sun (Fruit Tree, 1993) is the highlight of And The Head Popped Off (Fruit Tree, 1995).

The carefully composed and psychedelic-accented Magnetophone (Simple Machines, 1996) delivers 25 minutes of catchy pop tunes like Stereo and Vanity Fair. Campmann's arrangements are the real treasure. No matter how humble the process, he manages to alter the tones of his instruments or just push them over the edge until they sound like something else. It's the difference between creating sounds rather than just playing them.

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