Zeek Sheck

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I Love You , 6.5/10
Good Luck Suckers , 6/10
Zemag Daeh , 6.5/10

Zeek Sheck used to be in Chicago avantgarde girl-group Dot Dot Dot (in 1994-95, with Kelly Kuvo, later in Scissor Girls, and Jody Mechanic, later in Math and Duotron), who released only The Dot Dot Dot Story (Turkey, 1996); then in Black Grass (with Kelly Luvo and Dylan Posa of Cheer Accident), a band that played a mixture of heavy metal and bluegrass (!); and finally in a pop-jazz combo, L'il Combo (with Bobby Conn, Raylon Orlon, DJ LeDuece, Monica Bou).

After an album of spoken narrative (the soundtrack for an imaginary film), she began composing the songs for a Residents-like pentalogy on an imaginary race (the "Beepers"). I Love You (Skin Graft, 1998), also known as Hot Lines For The Children, recorded with Thymme Jones of Cheer Accident on keyboards, Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello, Monica Bou Bou on violin, is a chaotic assemblage of sounds that her falsetto pierces with graceless creativity (she plays drums, flute, clarinet, harmonica, tuba, guitar, electric bass and electronics).

The second part, Good Luck Suckers (Skin Graft, 1998), also known as Rules Cloud People, is more "pop" (everything is relative), but not that much different.

The third part, Zemag Daeh (To Yo, 2000), is, instead, a 180 degree turn towards a more experimental sound, drenched in electronic noise and dreadful atmospheres. Sheck is helped out by Weasel Walter of the Flying Luttenbachers, Thymme Jones of You Fantastic and the Scissor Girls.

Zeek Sheck Vs The Care Company (Swezlex, 2003) is the fourth part.

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