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Sky Laced Silver , 5/10
Black Light Twilight , 6/10
Faith In Motion , 5/10
Ultra Hard Shadow , 5/10

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Index is the project of Eric Chamberlain, based in Albuquerque (New Mexico). His debut EP Never This Infliction (COP, 1995) offered an original blend of violent aggro (Thom) and gloomy synth-pop, demonic growls and catchy electronics, Nine Inch Nails and Ultravox.

Sky Laced Silver (COP, 1996) is better orchestrated and sequenced. The sprawling Black Light Twilight (COP, 1997) is almost baroque: Chamberlain was finally alone and used every trick he knew of to achieve maximum pomp. Faith In Motion (COP, 1998) and Ultra Hard Shadow (COP, 2000) have not significantly progressed over that format of poppy electronic dance-music with expressionistic overtones.

Chamberlain's other project, Skylash, is more conventional synth-pop.

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