Slant 6
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Soda Pop = Rip Off , 6.5/10
Inzombia , 6/10

Guitarist Christina Billotte formed Slant 6 in Washington after a stint in Autoclave. The all-female trio (Myra Power on bass and Marge Marshall on drums) scored big with their debut single, What Kind Of Monster Are You, an old-fashioned punk-rock anthem. Soda Pop = Rip Off (Dischord, 1994) lives up to that song with a sequence of catchy rave-ups that achieve just about the perfect balance of energy and melody. By blending Buzzcocks-inspired punk-pop, L7-style foxcore and "riot grrrls" hardcore, Slant 6 served an irresistible retro sound with a revolutionary stance.

Inzombia (Dischord, 1995) is a let down, mainly because riffs, melodies and rhythms don't seem to click at the same time (when one is ready, the others are not). The album includes Inzombia, a lengthy avantgarde collage that is not clearly related to the rest of the material.

Whatever direction this track was point to, Slant 6 dissolved and Billotte started a new band, Quix-o-tic.

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