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Swingers , 6.5/10
The Out Sound , 6/10
The Three Man Themes , 6.5/10

Big Black's influence was strong on Slug's early recordings, including singles Hambone City and Rubberape. It was scary stuff: a melange of noise-rock and industrial-music that defied definition (and harmony). Guitarist Todd Williams' guitar noise and singer Steve Ratter's agonizing howl, plus an assorted chaos of turntables and hip-hop rhythms, not to mention the monster assault of two basses, turn Swingers (Magnatone, 1993) into a horrid symphony for the post-industrial age. The 13-minute title-track is the industrial-music equivalent of a romantic sonata. Had they lived through Public Enemy, Sonic Youth and dub, Pere Ubu would have sounded like this. A not so negligible influence may come from drummer Tomas Palermo's second identity, as a techno, dub and hip-hop disc jockey.

The Out Sound (PCP, 1994) is a far more cohesive affair. The band, augmented with Ultra Vivid Scene's bassist Collin Rae, spends more time developing its ideas. Several songs (Ex-chest, Aurora F) sound like Cop Shoot Cop compositions. The most adventurous track is Coordinate Points, an ambient-dub piece that is unusually focused for this wild bunch of rockers.

The double-CD The Three Man Themes (PCP, 1995) achieves an impressive balance of ambient music (The Grey Man), dub (Distinct Room), world-music (Kayamba Dance), shoegazing (Unesque), and noise-rock (The Gentle Man). Vastly enhanced keyboard work by Ratter work magic. The usual guitar barrage lays down a carpet for fragmented melodies and schizophrenic rhythms to indulge in dissonant orgies.

Gli Slug sono un sestetto (con due chitarristi e due bassisti) costruito attorno al cantante Steve Ratter (e alle numerose voci "trovate") che puo` essere considerato fra gli estremisti del grunge: la title-track di Swingers (Magnatone, 1992) dura tredici minuti e ripete ossessivamente un accordo come una sinfonia di Branca, mentre la maggioranza degli altri brani nascono all'incrocio fra Flipper e Big Black. Quell'album raccoglie parte del materiale pubblicato su diversi singoli (e altri ne seguiranno, fra cui Hambone City e Rubberape).
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