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Lookinglasself (Victory, 1993), 6/10
Progression Through Unlearning (Victory, 1997), 5.5/10
Designs for Automotion (Victory, 2000), 6.5/10
End Transmission (Victory, 2002), 6/10
Bright Flashes (Victory, 2003), 4/10

Snapcase is an emocore band from Buffalo (New York), led by vocalist Daryl Tabreski and guitarists Scott Dressler and John Salemi, that debuted with Lookinglasself (Victory, 1993), containing the anthemic Drain, and Progression Through Unlearning (Victory, 1997). Their style was influenced by the darkest, heaviest and most convoluted hardcore bands, such as Jesus Lizard and Fugazi. They matured with Designs for Automotion (Victory, 2000), that features the explosive Target and Bleeding Orange.

End Transmission (Victory, 2002) refined the idea by introducing more varied dynamics (A Synthesis Of New Forms, Coagulate) but failed to sustain the tension.

Bright Flashes (Victory, 2003) collects rarities and unreleased material.

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