Snoop Doggy Dogg

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Doggystyle (1993), 7/10

On the West Coast, gangsta-rap became mainstream via albums such as Doggystyle (1993) by Long Beach native Snoop Doggy Dogg (Calvin Broadus), produced by the same Dr Dre who had debuted him as the rapper of The Chronic. Helped by a colossal marketing campaign (he was on the cover of three music magazines even before releasing a record), his debut album became one of the fastest selling albums of all times. Before the album came out, Broadus was indicted for killing a man.

The Doggfather (1996)

Paid Da Cost To Be Tha Boss (2003)

R&G (2005) and Ego Trippin' (2008), replete with analog synths and vocoders, tried to experiment with new sounds but were also overflowing with useless filler. Malice N Wonderland (2009) tries to prove that the rapper is still relevant, but it takes six producers and ten guest stars.

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