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Dysfunction, 5/10
Break The Cycle , 4/10
14 Shades of Grey (2003), 4/10
Chapter V (2005), 4/10
The Illusion Of Progress (2008), 4/10
Staind (2011), 3/10

Staind are from Massachussetts and play loud, dark, crunchy grunge with minimal melodic lines on Dysfunction (Elektra, 1999). Suffocate and Mudshovel are state-of-the-art heavy metal. A Flat flirts with Soundgarden's melodic hard-rock before derailing in grindcore growls. The band proves capable of more affecting dynamics with the Nirvana-style power-ballad Just Go and with the progressive-metal of Raw, that take hints from Prong, Metallica and Dream Theater. Bring The Noise pays tribute to rap-metal and industrial music. The album is varied and the musicians are competent. What is missing is personality.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Gualtiero Sbandi)

I Staind vengono dal Massachussets e sull'album "Dysfunction" (Electra,1999) suonano un grunge urlato,scuro e scricchiolante con minime linee melodiche."Suffocate" e "Mudshowel" sono modelli heavy-metal."A Flat" flirta invece con l'hard-rock melodico dei Soundgarden prima di deragliare in urla grindcore.Il gruppo mostra capacita' di dinamiche piu' emozionanti con la power-ballad in stile Nirvana "Just Go" e con il progressive-metal di "Raw" che prende spunto da Prong,Metallica e Dream Theatre."Bring The Noise" paga tributo al rap-metal e alla musica industriale.L'album e' vario e i musicisti competenti.Quello che manca e' la personalita'.

The gentler, slower Break The Cycle (Elektra, 2001) fares even worse. Not only the melodic element is much stronger (as in "sell out") but the songs range from the obnoxious (Open Your Eyes< Take It) to the trivial (Fade, For You, Can't Believe). Lamer ballads than It's Been Awhile or Epiphany or Outside are made only in Nashville. The only moments of passable emotion come from two Nirvana-style rants: Pressure and Waste. Every single note on this album has been done before generations before. Basically, this is an exercise in necrophilia.

14 Shades of Grey (East West, 2003) is even more shallow and formulaic.

Chapter V (Elektra, 2005) is another bland recapitulation of Staind cliches.

The Illusion Of Progress (2008) was a sell-out to the midtempo power-ballad; but Staind (2011) was even worse.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Gualtiero Sbandi)

Il piu' mite e lento "Break The Cycle" (Elektra 2001) risulta ancora peggiore.Non solo l'elemento melodico e' piu' forte (come accade nei dischi che si svendono) ma le canzoni spaziano dall'odioso ("Open Your Eyes","Take It") all'insignificante ("Fade","For You","Can't Believe").Ballate piu' zoppicanti di "It's Been A While","Epyphany " o "Outside" sono possibili solo a Nashville.Gli unici momenti di adeguata emozione vengono da due declamazioni in stile-Nirvana:"Pressure" e "Waste".Ogni singola nota di questo album e' stata suonata generazioni prima.Essenzialmente questo e' un'esercizio di necrofilia.

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