Stanford Prison Experiment
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Stanford Prison Experiment (1994), 5/10
The Gato Hunch (1995), 6/10
Wrecreation (1998), 5/10

Stanford Prison Experiment is a band from Los Angeles that debuted playing thundering, tight-fisted, grunge and rap-metal on the derivative Stanford Prison Experiment (Chrome Gods, 1994) Mario Jimenez's vocals and Mike Starkey's guitar are concentrates of stereotypes of the 1990s.

Thanks to a more belligerent stance, The Gato Hunch (Chrome Gods, 1995) abandoned the crowded lands of heavy guitar rock and moved towards the melodramatic dynamics of Jesus Lizard, Fugazi and Rollins Band, augmented with a bit of generational anger (Hardcore Idiot, You're the Vulgarian).

Wrecreation (Island, 1998) boast professional production and catchier melodies, but is still a hodgepodge of genres a` la mode.

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