Starflyer 59
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Starflyer 59 , 5/10
Americana , 6/10
Fashion Focus , 4/10
Everybody Makes Mistakes, 6/10
Leave Here a Stranger , 5/10
I am the Portuguese Blues (2004), 4/10
Old (2003), 5/10
Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice (2005), 4/10
My Island (2006), 6/10

Starflyer 59 are Los Angeles shoegazers that get their inspiration from the worst excesses of Lush, Ride and the Pale Saints. Starflyer 59 (Tooth & Nail, 1995), Americana (Tooth & Nail, 1997) and Fashion Focus (Tooth & Nail, 1999) are empty exhibitions of sound for the sake of sound.

Jason Martin, the band's composer, steers the band towards soulful ballads with Everybody Makes Mistakes (Tooth & Nail, 2000). By far their best album, it boasts splendidly calm bursts of emotions such as A Dethroned King.

Easy COme Easy Go (Tooth & Nail, 2001) is a double-disc anthology plus some rarities.

Starflyer 59's keyboardist Richard Swift launched a solo career.

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Proseguendo il suo percorso verso un suono progressivamente più mite e pacato Leave Here a Stranger (Tooth & Nail, 2001), registrato in mono, mostra Jason Martin al culmine del suo romanticismo, con echi di Roy Orbison (Night Music) e tripudi di tastiere (Josh Dooley) al posto dei ronzii della chitarra presenti nel primo album.

Continuing the trend towards a calmer, gentler sound, Leave Here a Stranger (Tooth & Nail, 2001), recorded in mono, showcases Jason Martin at his most romantic, with even a hint of Roy Orbison (Night Music) and plenty of keyboards (Josh Dooley) instead of the guitar buzz of the first album.

Old (2003) sounded like an album desperately seeking a new style, First Heart Attack coming closer than anything else to achieving the goal.

I am the Portuguese Blues (Tooth & Nail, 2004) collects unreleased material from 1997.

The prolific Martin drifted towards orchestral pop on Talking Voice vs Singing Voice (2005), while My Island (2006) seemed torn between old-fashioned power-pop (The Frontman) and funk-punk a` la mode (Nice Guy).

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