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Tchkung is a fiercely independent tribe of Seattle musicians whose self-produced and self-released Tchkung (1995) contained political ranting amid a jungle of percussions and assorted instruments, all sung and played like a bunch of amateurs. Somewhere in between Crash Worship and Chumbawamba, it contains: Gone to Croatan, 10 Lilith, The Natives are Foreign, Crashing the System, Born in a Barn, IV 630, Conspiracy Job .

Post World Handbook (1996) contains: Dijamy, Crashing the System, Feral, Solidarity, Chao-wera, Circus Loopis, Feral, Truckstop, Clearcut, Hall of the Khan, Bou Jeloud .

Their 1999 European tour consisted of music and street theatre shows.

Members of Tchkung played in the Infernal Noise Brigade that became famous for agit-prop anti-globalization activism. They were documented on Insurgent Selections For Battery And Voice (Post World Industries, 2001) and The Final Report (Post World Industries, 2008).

Seattle-born producer (Grey) Filastine, who had already released Burn It (Soot, 2006), relocated to Spain and enlisted rappers from from Japan, Argentina, and Africa to craft the pan-ethnic electronic dance of Dirty Bomb (2009), that pays lip service to several contemporary styles, from dubstep to drum'n'bass.

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